8 Python Libraries For SEO & How To Use Them

8 Python Libraries For SEO & How To Use Them

These Python libraries give you useful functions and code to complete a number of SEO tasks without having to write the code from scratch.

Top 10 Python Libraries for Beginners |Python|

In this video you will learn -Top 10 Python Libraries for New Programmers
Python has a huge number of libraries that make it easier for complete complicated tasks. check some important libraries for Python beginners .

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Top Python Libraries For Machine Learning (MUST KNOW FOR BEGINNERS)

When it comes to libraries in Python, there are more than plenty. But which ones are the most useful for machine learning and great for beginners? To identify the best python libraries for machine learning, we have to specify the best use cases. The best machine learning libraries will have the functionality to handle the most common data types as well as the most common machine learning algorithms.

The most common data types are images, text and tabular data. For images, the best libraries are opencv and fastai. OpenCV is well known in the computer vision industry and is used by many top companies, but it’s also great for beginners as well. It allows us to preprocess images and videos, as well as carry out analysis on them. For text, nltk and spaCY are libraries that perform exceptionally well at handling and preparing text data for machine learning algorithms, with important functions like tokenisation.

Lastly, tabular data and time series data go well with libraries like pandas, statsmodel and numpy. Best all rounded libraries for machine learning algorithms include tensorflow and pytorch and Keras is the best library for deep learning. With knowledge of how to make use of these particular libraries, it possible to build extremely useful and innovative machine learning solutions.

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Top 10 Python Modules 2022

In this video, I’ll be going through what I think are the top 10 Python modules to learn in 2022 — with an emphasis on larger modules and frameworks that help you deliver a complete end-to-end project.

�� Chapters

00:00 Introduction
00:51 #1 FastAPI (api backend)
01:35 #2 Django (web development)
02:45 #3 Tensorflow (machine learning)
03:50 #4 Pandas (working with data)
04:22 #5 Matplotlib (data visualization)
05:05 #6 Pillow (image processing)
05:39 #7 OpenCV (computer vision)
06:10 #8 PyGame (game development)
06:40 #9 PyQT (desktop GUI)
07:13 #10 Selenium (browser automation)
07:39 Wrap up

Introducing More of the Python Standard Library || Simon Ward Jones

Python comes with many standard library packages included without any “pip install”! In this beginners tutorial we will go through a few of these with some interactive challenges during the session. Specifically we will dive into pathlib, datetime, collections, itertools and functools and how these can help you.


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