Google Updates Review Snippet Structured Data

Google Updates Review Snippet Structured Data

Google updated the review snippet structured data to recommend one form of writing numbers over another way that is popular worldwide

Google Rich Snippets Tutorial – Get Rich Snippets – Schema Markups – Structured Data | Digital Monk

This video covers step by step guide on rich snippets, what is a rich snippet, types of Snippets, best plugins for WordPress for schema markup. Step by step tutorial to getting rich snippets for a website.

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How to display Star Rating in Google Search – Structured Data -Practical Coding Tutorial

In this video I have explain how you can display star rating along with your page in goggle search result via google search structured schema markup data and convert your default search result into rich results. It’ll definitely boost your CTR and Page Ranking.

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Creating Review Snippets On Google With Review Schema Markup

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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back for another search engine optimization tip video in today’s tip video i’ll be going over review schema and how to generate these types of rich results for your website when we talk about rich results for reviews there are typically two types of review schema that come to mind there is product review schema which is your what you’re seeing on this uh search results page on google and then there is also aggregate review schema and this is heavily found on this type of search results page with businesses or local businesses so i’ll start off with product review schema that we can include

luckily there is this handy tool called schema markup generator by merkel and all we have to do for this portion is fill out the required fields here and so you type in your name your brand the description of your product

the offering price currency and the price of the product and then any additional information that applies

i’ve also included my own url that i’ve utilizes this schema markup for and so it just goes through basically as much as i can include for this markup type to generate this rich result and so once you have marked up all the required information in the schema markup generator by merkel you would just plug it into google structure data testing tool to test and make sure that there are no errors associated with the markup and then if everything is looking good you can then include it on your website in the header of your required page or your desired page

on the other hand there is aggregate review schema and this is typically done from a brand reputation standpoint users will submit reviews about a business and then these are often used by the website for improving their brand reputation and so with autonation chevrolet url they have 4 300 reviews and an average of a 4.7 out of 5 star rating and so they’re leveraging that information to then populate as a featured snippet or a rich result on google rather and so a couple things with that google has gotten very picky when it comes to allowing businesses to show rich results for this kind of schema and so you have to have the reviews linked somewhere on page for people to navigate and read through these reviews need to be user generated so you can’t just be making up a bunch of fake reviews and then adding them to your website and then you also have to make sure that you can’t go through and edit the comments or the other reviews to be favorable for your business so for your website you just have to make sure that these reviews are linkable to maybe a master review page or that they’re transparent or when google goes to crawl your page or when users as well so you don’t get dinged by google there to do a manual review of your website and then you would then add this aggregate rating schema to your desired page and so this would include the schema type the id or how the information is being pulled the name so customer reviews how many reviews are being totaled worst and best rating on a scale of one to five this is typically how google ranks for their uh bridge results the rating value so the average and then the items that are reviewed so the type so your organization and the name of your business so automation chip related url so you just include this information as jsonld code and most businesses will auto populate this information so instead of going through and manually writing the code and then adding it into the header of your website they will have the information dynamically changed because you’re most likely going to have more views circling through when siphoning to your website there are a couple different brand reputation management tools that are available such as trustpilot to make it easier to just kind of aggregate all these reviews and then output that schema markup whitespark is another one or you could also just create your own review system if you don’t want to opt into a third-party software like trust pilot or white spark and for that you just need to make a reviews page and then populate that page with customer reviews and then just add your review scheme up accordingly and then add it to the header of your website or just the appropriate pages you want to add the markup to

so that’s how you get these review rich results displayed for your website hope you found this walkthrough to be helpful and if you have any feedback or comments leave them in the comment section below otherwise i will see you all for the next search engine analyzation to video

How to Add Review Stars to Your SERP Listings

Reviews stars markup allows you to add an overall rating to your SERPs. By adding some structured data to your page you can enable it to show a start rating below the meta description. This is a great way to give your site that extra bit of information that makes it look a little bit more attractive to the user.

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